It’s the middle of winter. So, why not escape the cold and darkness of the season by slowing down, sipping a cup of tea, and learning about the biggest myths and mysteries of our time? Here are three great documentaries that are perfect for a cozy night at home.

Find out more about the terrible creatures that have scared and frightened people since the 18th century: Vampires. Who was their creator? Is the story of Dracula based on real-life events? Explore the historical myth of the undead, bloodsucking monsters in The Real Story of Dracula.

However, if you’d rather get into the Christmas spirit, why don’t you lean back and explore the world of Santa Claus? Not many people know that his origin is actually Turkish. What did it take for St. Nicolas to become the one and only Santa Claus? The documentary In Search of Santa Claus will take you on a jolly ride along with the story of the man who symbolizes Christmas like no one else ever could.

Not a fan of historical programs at all? No problem – we’ve got you covered. Join us on a wild adventure to Antarctica, where you learn not only about the eternal ice, but also about global warming and its’ impact on our climate. Discover the earth’s coldest place  in The Antarctica Challenge.


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