Get.factual is a documentary streaming service with a curated selection of nonfiction films and series that amaze, inform, and fuel our unrelenting quest for knowledge.

Watch epic historical series, stunning nature documentaries, and more, on the go or at home! Explore worlds forgotten and unknown; from the depths of ocean trenches to the far reaches of the cosmos.

A Get.factual subscription costs £2.99 per month and includes:

  • Access to our full catalog of award-winning documentaries and series
  • New subscriber-only films and series added on a weekly basis
  • Cross-device viewing on your computer, phone, tablet, or supported connected device. (Visit for more details)
  • A curated viewing experience with accompanying articles, interviews and playlists

When you subscribe to Get.factual you’ll receive a 7-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time.


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