Whether you’re interested in wild, rare, and exotic animals, or you simply want to know more about your pets, we’ve got a gaggle of programs that let you dive into a world unknown to most humans. 

In Madagascar – Land of Chameleons you will discover Africa’s iconic island from a new perspective. Lean back, and learn all about the animal kingdom’s masters of disguise. Get ready for stunning landscapes from deserts to tropical rainforests. It’s a documentary you don’t want to miss! 

From Madagascar to central Africa, in Pride – Rulers at Risk you’ll gain an incredible insight into the life of a lion pride. There is a lot that we already know about lions, but some secrets have remained hidden – until now. With the help of special thermal cameras, gripping dramas and touching moments are revealed.

From the desert to the sky, Born to Fly is about something that mankind has always dreamt of: the unique skill of flying. Explore life from a bird’s perspective and see how parent birds tirelessly work to train and nurture their young before the little ones can finally join them in the skies.


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