Volcanoes have epic reputations, but rarely do we ever hear about an eruption. While most volcanoes are dormant, there have been eruptions that have changed the course of human history. There’s more to these mysterious natural wonders than you might think!

What are Volcanoes?

They are majestic, beautiful, and full of thrill. Volcanoes attract thousands of tourists every year in different locations around the world. They visually breathtaking and prove that mother earth is much stronger than humans will ever be. At the most basic level, a volcano is an opening on the earth’s surface. It allows matter and energy from the earth’s mantle to escape through the crust. This, is an eruption. When an eruption takes place, the material which is released is either molten lava, gases or hot ash. During the eruption, there are loud hissing and booming sounds. The danger area surrounding such an event can be up to 20 miles!

Active or Inactive?

The majority of the earth’s surface is formed by volcanic eruption. Nowadays, the world has approximately 500 active volcanoes, most of them are within the “Ring of Fire”, an area in the Pacific Ocean. The most recent outbreak, which could be witnessed in December 2019 in New Zealand and left at least 18 people dead and several more injured, shows how dangerous volcanoes still are.


Volcanoes – Yay or Nay?

Obviously, there are many opportunities for tourists to come close to such a natural beauty. However, you should not underestimate the risk that comes with seeing a volcano from up close. The problem is, an eruption is not the only danger that can originate from there. Oftentimes, other natural disasters such as tsunamis, mudflows, flash floods  and earthquakes can be triggered by a volcanic eruption. So, why not enjoy the beauty of these majestic mountains while watching a documentary about them here on Get.factual?



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