We’re well into 2020 by now, but no matter the decade it’s always important to remember eras past. Take a trip into antiquity with three titles that recreate notable historical events that forever shaped the way we wage war, celebrate culture, and practice our beliefs.

Holy War

Holy_War_EP03_Getfactual_1920x1080 (1).jpg

This series depicts the religious and political developments throughout history and how they impacted life across, specifically, the US and the Middle East. Throughout five episodes, war is a central theme that, transcends borders, religions, as well as time — from ancient civilizations up until the present. Learn about the Sword of the Prophet, the Crusade towards Jerusalem, faith terrorism, and 9/11, the day that changed America forever.

The Shakespeare Enigma


“To be or not to be?” Does that sound familiar to you? Everyone knows at least one famous Shakespeare quote. But, who was this man really? This documentary gives you an insight into the life, the work, and all of the drama on (and off) the stage of the legendary English playwright.



Question: What is the most precious raw material during times of war? Correct: steel!

This two-part documentary depicts the industrial revolution and its impact on the German economy.  Learn about the “turf war” that took place across western Germany which involved the famous dynasties, Krupp and Meyer, who were the leading producers of heavy steel at the time.



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