Spring has sprung! As we exit the frigid winter months, our forests, parks, and yards are once again starting to fill with a beautiful palette of colors. Let’s break it down though for a moment and address the biggest contributing factor in this natural rejuvenation: tress. Trees are responsible for providing wildlife habitats, crucial soil enrichment, and most importantly, the air we breathe! Here’s a selection of films and series that explore the world’s forests.

Global Forest

Have you ever wondered why trees play such an enormous role in our existence? Here’s the deal: our planet is covered by 4 billion hectares of trees, which produce a third of the earth’s oxygen! Besides that, forests are landscapes that are not only visually vibrant, but are also where millions of animal and plant species call home.

The Tree of Trees

On our planet, there are just as many different types of trees as there are animals and other plants. This film is about one of them: the oak tree, which has been a special part of mother nature for centuries. Being an important fragment of the forest landscape, oak trees are also known to be a symbol of wisdom and fortitude.


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