For most of human history scientists and researchers have felt the urge to uncover the unknown. Adventurers traveled to the ends of the earth and put their lives at risk, all in the name of exploration and discovery. Whether it’s a story from 200 years ago or modern research, our hunger for knowledge is as insatiable as ever.  Learn more about history’s most thrilling expeditions on Get.factual!

Expedition to Eternal Ice

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1930. Alfred Wegener and his team set off for Greenland on what was perhaps the most dangerous expedition they ever conducted. Their task was to prove the existence of continental drift deep in the sea ice. But it turned out to become a race against time…

Expedition in the South Seas

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17-year old Georg Foster got the opportunity of a lifetime when James Cook offered him a naturalist job on a research vessel in the 18th Century. Their mission: explore the South Sea and record the unknown flora and fauna they find along their journey. Be prepared for a wild ride, on which over 400 new species of plants and animals were discovered!


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