Today is International Unicorn Day – Yay! Silvery hair, a majestic mane, and the iconic horn – who doesn’t love the friendly fable creature that roams the woods with his lords and ladies? Even today, unicorns fascinate people. It’s the star of every princess-themed birthday party and the glittery dream pet of many. But where did this mythical beast come from? Did they possibly exist at some point in history? Let’s find out!

Wild and Dangerous

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Today, most people see unicorns as cute horses with a glittery head-piece. However, tales suggest that they were actually not that friendly. The most obvious reason: well, they have a huge weapon sitting on their forehead! According to legend, if you are not being a good person, the unicorn will track you down and *pointedly* encourage you to change your ways. In medieval times, unicorns also played a tremendous role in chivalry. Being a symbol of courage and strength, it appears on many coats of arms. It was much later when the image of the unicorn became a positive one and it was seen as a friendly companion.

The Unicorn’s Origin

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly where these legends come from. In fact, the depiction of the unicorn changed drastically throughout history. In different eras and cultures it looks more like a bull, then a horse, then a goat. In the Christian faith, unicorns are a powerful symbol for virginity, purity and the power of God.

Today, it is believed that instead of being depictions of bulls from a side angle, a unicorn-like creature may have truly existed in the Middle East. Wait – were unicorns real? No one can say that for sure, but the evidence suggests they did! However, they likely did not look like the handsome beasts we know today.

More Myths

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There is another creature which is the main figure in sagas and fairytales all over the world. The Dragon – undoubtedly one of mankind’s oldest and most powerful myths. Even the bible mentions these creatures. And they are not always portrayed as dangerous – in many stories, they are majestic allies, who help humans fight against evil. Where do these myths come from? Could it be that dragons were real, too?

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Happy Unicorn Day!



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