We understand that our ancestors must have accomplished some astonishing things in order for us to enjoy life as it is nowadays. We see their inventions, art, and architecture almost everywhere we look! From literature and philosophy, to modern technological standards, it all started once people began to think critically and developed the tools that laid the path for even more advanced thinking. But did you know that this scholarly approach wasn’t only practiced by the ancient Romans or Greeks? And that Middle Ages were not as dark as they’re often portrayed and remembered for?

We have created a curated collection of films and series that let you travel back in time and learn something new about the history of the greatest civilisations.

The Ascent of Civilization


In this thrilling three-part series you’ll discover the impact that the Romans, Greeks and Vikings have on today’s life and society. From the birth of democracy to milestones in philosophy, to Roman politics and military tactics, as well as the incredible trading inventions of the Vikings.

Fun fact: Christopher Columbus was not the first person to ‘discover’ America. Yes, really! It was actually the Vikings who had sailed there almost 500 years earlier.

Europe in the Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages are often seen in films, novels and art as dark and barbaric, but often fail to showcase how this time period laid the foundation for many things that we still do today. Don’t get us wrong, of course, there were still lots of blood and fights. However, did you know that the city you live in was either planned or modeled after what was developed in the 15th century? In addition to that, monasteries in the Middle Ages made huge contributions to science, medicine, astrology and mathematics!

The Story of Australia


Fact: Australia was not ‘discovered’ until rather recently in the general sense of history. In fact, James Cook founded the first colony in Australia, which was British, in the 18th century. However, the Aboriginal people have been roaming their homeland for at least 50,000 years! Safe to say it was not easy when the two worlds collided…

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