Even though World War II officially ended for the whole world a few months later, May 8th, 1945 was a milestone in Europe with a global impact. On that day, Germany capitulated shortly after their leader, Adolf Hitler, killed himself at the end of April. The capitulation marked not only the end of national socialism in Germany but the end of the war in Europe. Today in 2020, we mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe with a national holiday in Germany. Find out more about Hitler’s acts of cruelty, the people he trusted most, and how the war eventually ended in the series Hitler’s Circle of Evil.

The Rise of the Sycophants

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By 1942 the Nazi invasion of Soviet Russia had reached a critical stage. Forced to fight enemies on two fronts, the Soviets to the East, and the Allies to the West, WWII turned into a war of production. Both the Soviet Union and the United States had the industrial infrastructure to out-produce Germany and supply their troops with endless supplies. So who did Hitler trust to save the war effort? The Führer appointed his close friend Albert Speer, who, despite his inexperience, proved to be a shrewd and capable operator rationalizing German industry to maximise production. But his success soon stirred up a rat’s nest of jealousy and intrigue, and his sycophantic rivals sought to undermine him from the inside.

Beginning of the End

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As WWII continued, so did the secret tension within Hitler’s inner circle. After Hitler escaped assassination 1944, many Nazis came to the conclusion that Germany’s attempt at domination over Europe may not succeed. But what is there to do when the realisation comes too late and surrender – and therefore failure – is not an option to their leader? As it gets riskier and riskier for the Nazis, the end of the war is quickly approaching…


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In 1945, it all fell apart. Germany had exhausted its fuel supplies, as well as their fighting force. Even worse for the Nazis, their once-powerful leader began to succumb to the pressure of an endless war. Paranoid and alone, Hitler could not rely on the people closest to him and his network of advisors began to collapse. His generals completely lost themselves in greed and envy, fueling dangerous infighting for power and money. In the meantime, the Allied troops were on their way to Berlin and the Nazis desperately needed an exit strategy…

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