The sun is shining and the birds are chirping: it is spring! With the great weather these past few weeks, the garden season has finally begun. Now is the time to seed, plant, and take care of the flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables as you enjoy a blooming and colourful summer. Check out the two-part series The Secret Garden on Get.factual and learn all you need to know!

Spring Awakening image (2)

Spring has sprung and now is the time to get your garden ready. But a garden is not only an oasis of relaxation for humans. After all preparations are done it only needs the help of nature for the garden to grow and be a home for many animals. Because that is what is forgotten sometimes: the garden is also a home for lots of species, some hidden from our eyes. Different kinds of birds, little snakes, insects such as bees, as well as foxes or rabbits, also awake in the spring and become more active.

Harvest Timeimage (3)

After a beautiful and warm summer, the harvest time is almost the ending of the annual garden year. Now is the time to enjoy what the preparations in spring have produced. But many plants and animals need even more care now during the hot summer months, even though they slowly come to an end. For instance, the importance of water must never be disregarded. Cutting back and thereby helping the garden stay the home for animals that start preparing for the long winter months is just as vital.

The magical series documents a garden from a different perspective. Slow down and enjoy the evolution of a garden year and the life of its inhabitant animals. This is a side of your garden that few have discovered before: The Secret Garden on Get.factual.


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