Always dreamed of seeing the world? Stuck at home with nowhere to go? While there is no replacement for physically packing your bags and hitting the road, the new Travel & Culture collection on Get.factual comes close. Explore the landscapes of Europe or trek deep into the jungles of South America, without having to worry about expensive plane tickets.

Scotland – Highlands and IslandsScotland_gf2_BG_1920x1080

Scotland is home to some of the world’s most pristine cliffside landscapes, complete with its own unique ecology and wildlife. Great Britain’s Northernmost region is truly a land unlike any other. Spectacular aerial footage and breath-taking images celebrate the overall beauty of this rugged landscape in Scotland – Highlands and Islands.

Wild Italy


Far from the bustling tourist hotspots like Rome and Milan, the two-part series Wild Italy reveals the fascinating and unexpected nature found between the tip of Italy’s boot and its snowy alpine peaks. In addition to its fantastic cuisine and ancient history, “Bella Italia” is home to a diverse array of landscapes and wildlife.

Essequibo – Hidden River


Looking for something off the beaten path? Filmmakers Rainer Bergomaz and Marion Pöllmann go WAY off as they float, hike, and bushwack along the unexplored Essequibo River in Guyana. The pair navigate immense challenges and experience amazing cultural exchanges in Essequibo – Hidden River.

China’s Secret Lands

Chinas_Secret_Lands_EP03_getfactuals_1920x1080While China’s famous megacities like Beijing and Shanghai epitomize urban life in the modern age, China’s rural regions can feel like taking a trip backward in time. Set in the Tibet, Xinjiang, and Yunnan provinces, the three-part series China’s Secret Lands reveals the colourful and diverse cultures of China’s remote border provinces.

The Norwegian Fjords – Life in the Twilightstanya-tulupenko-r7dDkUN_yvU-unsplash

Majestic. Pristine. Immense. Those are some of the words that come to mind when trying to describe Norway’s Fjords. Visually, these landscapes are some of the most impressive in the world. But at the bottom of the massive waterways, we find an amazing array of fish, whales, and seabirds. Sail through an environment unlike any other in The Norwegian Fjords – Life In The Twilights. 



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