Many people visit Europe for its breathtaking beaches, bustling urban centers, and to experience the rich history that unfolded there. But tourists be warned, there is far more to this incredible continent than just churches and castles! Europe has a rough and wild side that’s waiting to be explored on Get.factual.

Wild Serbia

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Located right in the middle of the Balkans, Serbia boasts diverse sprawling landscapes that project a uniquely wild and beautiful aesthetic. This film explores the little country’s most picturesque regions and peninsulas and the wildlife that calls these rough yet fantastic places home.

Wild Poland

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This documentary shows the wild side of Poland, the heart of central Europe. There are few countries that offer as much diversity in their landscapes within a relatively confined area. Dreamy lakes, the majestic landscapes of Masuria, huge rivers, magical forests, mountain crags, and even long sandy beaches. Poland simply has it all. The beauty and variety of this country take your breath away.

Wild Berlin

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Berlin: a state, a city, the capital of Germany, and a world-famous urban environment. As a city that has had to rebuild itself time and time again, human development is a defining characteristic of Berlin. Yet, there is actually more jungle in this concrete jungle than many would assume, and it is home to many wild inhabitants (not just the ones who enjoy Berlin’s nightclubs). This film explores the natural side of the roaring megacity, which is actually one of the greenest in all of Europe.


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