300 Million years ago, the Earth was very different from how we know it today. Of course, humans did not exist yet. But the vegetation and climate was unlike present conditions. Get ready to explore an unknown landscape inhabited by giant creatures and plants as well as the evolution of human life in the two-part documentary 300 Million Years on Get.factual.

The Big Crash300_Million_Years_EP01_Getfactual_1920x1080

Sure, we all have general knowledge about what happened to the dinosaurs. Supposedly, a meteor crashed onto Earth and extinguished all life on the planet. But that’s not the whole part of the story. How was life before the tremendous catastrophe and how exactly did it take place? It is highly probable that the actual disaster happened over a longer period of time. Through a severe climate change caused by a meteor crash or severe volcanic outbreaks, a very large number of animals groups had gone extinct. In addition to those factors, the sea level sank drastically and therefore contributed to the mass extinction.

My Human Earth300_Million_Years_EP02_Getfactual_1920x1080

After the dinosaurs had gone extinct, new life started to develop and inhabit the planet. 65,000 years after the big crash, mammals began to live where on the continent where Europe is nowadays. The ocean was swarmed by sea mammals, while herbivores conquered the land. Then approximately 600,000 years ago, the first human, the Homo Heidelbergensis, appeared and the course of history was changed.

Discover the life of the very first humans, in unity with wilderness and animals. Watch 300 Million Years on Get.factual and learn more about the evolution theories, our planets development and the life and challenges of the first human kind.


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