Vast. Powerful. Majestic. The world’s oceans are responsible for all life on planet earth. Yet, our oceans are under threat. By 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Today, on June 8th, we celebrate World Oceans Day as a way to bring awareness to ocean conservation efforts around the world, and to appreciate the incredible ecosystems that exist beyond our shores. Check out these Get.factual docs to learn more about our oceans, the creatures who call them home, and the scientists committed to ensuring their survival for years to come.

Big Pacific


The latest title on takes a deep dive into the largest body of water on the planet: The Pacific Ocean. The Pacific has a bigger surface area than all of Earth’s land combined, and it holds half of all the world’s water. It is home to the world’s largest animals, the Blue Whale, and the world’s deepest point, the Mariana Trench. Explore this massive and wonderous ocean and learn why we must fight to protect it.

Nature’s Greatest Secret – The Coral Triangle


Located deep in the volcanic central Indo-Pacific Ocean, the Coral Triangle is a region of unrivaled richness, beauty, and biological importance. This unique marine ecosystem is the major junction of three great oceans; a veritable highway for large ocean travelers, such as the leatherback turtle, whale sharks, and blue whales. Some of the world’s leading marine biologists join forces to explore the region in this three-part landmark documentary series.

Ocean Heroines


This series features outstanding female marine scientists and their work in the world’s five oceans. Follow along as these remarkable women work to save the ocean from destruction. Their specialties range from the study of phytoplankton to the conservation of great white sharks. As the effects of climate change continue to wreak havoc on ocean ecosystems, these women are paving the way to a sustainable, thriving future for marine life.

Happy World Ocean’s Day!
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