As much as humans want to be able to achieve everything, there are limits. The body is not designed to do certain things, such as fly like a bird or deep dive like a whale. In addition to physical limits, humans also have psychological limits and that is the so-called ‘comfort zone.’ Even though we might not be able to fly, we can still leave our comfort zone in order to feel more alive. Let’s explore the lives of these individuals who love to step out of their comfort zones and train their bodies to achieve the impossible. Take a trip to some of the more extreme and harsh conditions mankind has ever been in The Human Limits.

Physical Masters


Herbert Nitsch is one of these uniquely built people. He is not only a pro in free-diving (which alone scares most of us to death) but he also takes casual strolls throughout the Arctic – while not wearing any clothes. Not extraordinary enough you say? Also meet Daniel Kisch, who is an echolocation expert and loves to go on bike tours despite being blind, and Ines Papers, who goes ice climbing in the Bavarian Alps.

Masters of the Mind

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In the second part of the two-part documentary, we meet six people who push the limits with the power of their minds. Each of them has an extraordinary ability, which leaves normal people speechless. For example, Lukas Irmler is able to control his mind while high-lining, and Gert Mittring is a mathematical genius as he is able to solve any arithmetic problem without using a calculator.

Find out more about the physical and psychological limits of mankind and how some people developed the strength in order to overstep their boundaries and left the comfort zone in The Human Limits on Get.factual.


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