Over the past centuries, knights have been a central part of medieval tales and stories as key figures of the middle ages. But there was more to knighthood than just wearing armour, swinging a sword, and fighting in gruesome battles. The three-part series Knights on Get.factual depicts what it really was like to dawn the title while openning up a world of violent competitions, sieging castles, and of course, fair maidens.

Men in Iron

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During their time, Knights were not only viewed as fighters or soldiers. Imagine they were more like today’s celebrities, enjoying fame and honour while risking their lives in thrilling battles and shows. However, what many people don’t know is there were actually female knights, such as Joan of Arc and Ordre de la Hache of Spain. Knights generally had a high rank in society for they were willing to risk their lives for the safety but also entertainment of the upper-class, so to say: the grand-prix drivers of the middle ages.

For Fame and Honor

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Gaining fame, glory and honour were among the most important things for knights in medieval times. One way of coming to achieve these goals were going on a crusades to the Holy Land in pursuit of the “infidels”. In addition to the promised glory, they would also receive land and become rich. Going on a crusade was therefore regarded as the ultimate proof of ‘love to god,’ which also secured the knights’ access to paradise in afterlife.

The Last of Their Kind

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And just like that, the time came in history where there was no place for knights anymore. The amours, weaponry, violent battles, gallant steeds, and indispensable castles belonging to nobility did not fit into the changing cultural and political changes in Europe. But how and when did it all come to an end? And who were the last of their kind?

Find out more about knights and their unbelievable lives in the dark ages. Knights is a three-part series available on Get.factual.


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