The two-part documentary Ocean Heroines accompanies female marine scientists as they work in all five oceans. See the majestic white shark in it’s natural habitat, discover why the little phytoplankton are the major source for oxygen supply and see huge humpback whales, microscopic bacteria and fragile corals as you dive into the deep sea with powerful female researchers.

The Connected Planet

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-19 um 15.07.06Be a part of two young women’s journey in order to keep the Earth’s biggest ecosystem alive. The two scientists work on the outer ends of the ocean’s food chain with the Great White Shark being at its’ top, while on the other end, plankton. As viewers, we quickly learn the importance to understand the connection between organisms of all shapes and sizes, and the overall looming threat of the ocean gradually warming. Meanwhile, stunning images are shot while trying to get a grip of the underwater ecosystem.

From Top to Bottom

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-19 um 15.05.48Humpback whales are not only huge animals, they are also able to swim thousands of miles per day and use their inherited knowledge to navigate the planet. However, they are in dire danger due to climate change, as much as the beautiful corals reefs. Join the scientists when they try to explore possible solutions to save the underwater living animals and plants.

Learn more about the female scientists and their work in the ocean and its ecosystem in Ocean Heroines on Get.factual.


Grab your snorkel and flippers (not really, but you can if you want to
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