The Essequibo is one of the last unexplored rivers on Earth. Located in the state of Guyana (South-America), it is over 600 miles long and which makes it the biggest river in the area. We invite you to follow two filmmakers, Rainer Bergomaz and Marion Pöllmann, as they capture the rare beauty of the river and its surrounding wilderness in the three-part series Essequibo – Hidden Rivers on Get.factual.

The Vast Delta

The estuary, where ocean and river meet.

Explore the majestic river springs in the Acarai Mountains, which is a relatively wet region of low mountains and lots of forests in Guyana. Venture as the river flows along an impressive landscape until finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean, where the two filmmakers continue their journey upstream. The estuary, where the ocean and the river meet, is characterized by small islands, where fruit and vegetables are grown. They are then shipped to the capital of Guyana: Georgetown.

The Raging Torrent

An indigenous woman in Guyana.

From the river and into the jungle! We join the film crew at the arrival at the impressive Kaieteur Falls, which are breathtaking waterfalls in the middle of a tropical jungle. From there, the journey continues upstream with even more countless rapid waterfalls with less and less human population. The wild side of the country begins to show even more with unspoiled landscapes, rare animals, unique plant species, and indigenous people.

The Mysterious Source

kayak on river

The filmmakers have almost arrived in the mountains, which is where the source of the Essequibo river is. However, this part of the route is the most challenging one. Not only has the weather become more and more unpredictable, there is also a fever outbreak among the crew. It looks like they might have to end the expedition and filming before they even reach the source of the river…

Find out whether the filmmakers were able to finish their journey along the river and learn more about the mightiest river in all of Guyana in  Essequibo – Hidden Rivers on Get.factual.


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