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Trekking The Great WallTrekking_the_Great_Wall

Especially in times where travel is difficult, it might be nice to find a comfortable place at home to digitally visit foreign countries with your phone or computer. In Trekking the Great Wall you’ll join British historian, William Lindesay, as he travels from one end of China to the other. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Chinese countryside, learn about a culture that might be different from your own, and see the spectacular monument and how to hike it: the Great Wall of China.

Ivan the Terrible


One thing history has taught us is that there were many cruel people mankind has dealt with so far, but this guy is known to be one of the most notorious: Ivan IV Vasilyevich. He was orphaned as a child and committed his very first murder at the age of 13. During his life, he was feared for random acts of absolute violence. This documentary shows his persona, the life he led, and his division of the Russian empire. Ivan the Terrible is a thrilling insight and available on Get.factual.

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