Deserts are more than remote sand dunes – they are natural wonders full of surprises, amazing ecosystems, and natural diversity! However, they can also be dangerous. Desertification is a huge problem due to climate change with over 2.6 billion people affected by it worldwide. The two-part series Deserts on the Move on Get.factual explains everything you need to know about desertification and how it affects people in over 110 countries.


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Not many people think of China and India as desert countries. Yet, 2.5 million square meters of China alone are sand – therefore making it one of the world’s biggest desert nations. With the forthcoming desertification, around 400 Million people in China have to relocate, in order to secure arable farming land. Learn more about the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and China, and the Thar Desert in Pakistan and India in the first part of the series!


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Fun fact: Europe has deserts too. There are four countries that even joined the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Especially in Mediterranean countries, deterioration is a critical point. In Spain, a fifth of its land is so degraded that it is slowly turning into a desert. Find out more about desertification in Europe in the second part of the series!

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