Each month we’ll be adding new subscriber-only documentary films and series to our platform. We want to keep you in the loop and make each update special! Read below to find out more about the latest additions. Here’s what’s new in September:

Wild SpainWild_Spain_Getfactual_1920x1080

This two-part miniseries is a safari through Spain’s wildest regions. The Iberian peninsula may be known best for its cultural hubs and rich history, but Wild Spain reveals the many fascinating animal species that call this incredible region home.

Hannibal – A March On Rome

Kielings wilde Welt

Hannibal is considered one of the greatest military minds of antiquity; the Carthaginian general is even referred to as the “Father of Strategy” by some. His greatest feat? Marching tens of thousands of men, horses, and war elephants through the alps in an all-out assault on Rome. Relive the harrowing feat in the historical documentary Hannibal – A March On Rome. 

The Silicon Valley Revolution


The latest addition to the Science & Knowledge genre category recounts the birth of the computer age and explores the lives of the colorful characters who started it all. Explore Silicon Valley’s amateurish, chaotic, and revolutionary beginning in The Silicon Valley Revolution.


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The Fuente de Piedra Lagoon in Andalusia is home to one of the largest flamingo colonies in all of Europe. Every year, the lagoon turns pink as thousands of Flamingos from the North coast of Africa and the Mediterranean come here to breed.