Not far from the former hippie center San Francisco, lies a tech oasis which is home to the largest global players in the industry. From Google to Apple – all of them are located in Silicon Valley.

What started out as an amateurish and chaotic bunch of tech nerds has since fueled a revolution that shaped how billions of people worldwide use technology in their daily lives. Check out the new two-part documentary “The Silicon Revolution – How a Bunch of Nerds Changed Our Lives” on Get.factual to follow the world of computers from its infancy until becoming a personal necessity.

From Hippies to the First PC

The first part of the series deals with the history in how far the hippie culture of San Francisco shaped the technological future of the planet. They essentially stripped computers being exclusively made for the government, universities, and other massive companies, in order for everyone to have one. Their goal was to give the power back to the people and not limited the flow of modern information to the highest bidders.

From the First Computer Trade Fair to WWW

Once they had developed their own first computers, the next steps towards the concept of a ‘personal computer’ were taken. With this came the very first Macintosh being produced and sold. Bill Gates, soon-to-be one of the most powerful tech giants, laid the foundation for his billion dollar fortune by founding his software empire, Microsoft. Through the World Wide Web, the world came together in an incredible network of connection. But, as these companies grow larger and larger, aren’t they becoming the exact thing these hippies swore to avoid back in the 1970s?

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