By definition, a weapon is an instrument used (or designed) to inflict damage or harm. Yet, they can also be used for protection and security. The series History of Weapons showcases the development of historical weapons throughout the centuries, and the advancements particular inventions have undergone over vastly different eras of warfare. Throughout the ten episodes in this series, we will explore anything from hand-to-hand combat to naval warfare, as well as showcase the different categories of weapons used, their primary functions, and their historical significance.

Ranged Weapons

During the reign of the Roman Empire, the Pilum was the most commonly used, and widely distributed, weapon. The English, on the other hand, dominated the battlefield with the longbow. In this episode, experts from all around the world conduct thrilling experiments with various ranged weapons and explore how each dominated the battlefields during their time of use. Finishing off the episode with (no spoilers!) a nineteenth-century invention that forever changed the course of history!

Faster Than the Enemy

Speed and maneuverability are the secrets to winning almost any battle. However, besides the weapons themselves, there are other elements that help soldiers gain the upper-hand on their opponents. Archers on horseback, chariots, or simply having a semi-automatic firearms in your arsenal can change the outcome of a battle! This episode explores the development and strategic advantages of ranged weapons!

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