As we enter the month of October and our preparation for Halloween, we also have some new documentaries for you to check out! Get cozy, take in the fresh pumpkin spice (don’t lie, we know you love it), and enjoy these new documentaries on Get.factual to fuel your quest for knowledge! Here’s what’s new this month:

Dingo – Wild Dog at War

Learn about the dingos’ struggle for existence in the wild outback of Australia and humans’ issues with them. Due to feral dogs interbreeding within their gene-pool, there is an ever increasing conflict as dingos have become more daring against human territory, causing them to cross paths with livestock. Not good. However on the flip side, the dingo has been a faithful companion for many indigenous people for hundreds of years. But does the dingo live up to its brutal and mischievous reputation? Follow farmer, Dave Graham, as he searches for a solution to the dingos’ dilemma.

Hitler’s Mega Plane

A little less than 10 years ago, Italian divers discovered the wreck of a fabled and mysterious aircraft, the Messerschmitt 323 Gigant, which was the largest aircraft built during World War II. Of course, this was a sensational find as none of the over 200 assembled during the war survived, but historians dive deeper into the implications and innovations that the Gigant brought to the future of warfare and transportation.

The Truth About Franco – Spain’s Forgotten Dictatorship

He was one of the most brutal dictators in European history: Frances Franco. His tyranny changed Spain forever and yet, the life of the so-called Generalissimo is still a mystery to many outside of Spain. The series, The Truth About Franco, casts new light on Spain’s forgotten dictatorship, his rise to power, and the geo-political climate that allowed him to flourish after the destruction of the Axis Powers in WWII.


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