As the possibility of long-distance travel remains still pretty difficult this year, we invite you to spare yourself checking luggage and security checks and instead hop on your sofa and take a journey with us! Prepare to digitally discover far away countries and foreign cultures with an exciting series on Get.factual. In other words, temporarily cure your wanderlust from the comfort of your out home! Grab some popcorn, review the in-flight safety manual (just kidding) and kick back with this three-part series, Dream Routes!

Grand Trunk Road

The so-called Grand Trunk Road stretches across the entire Indian subcontinent. From beautiful mangrove forests, down to the roaring city of Kolkata, (which is home to the famous festival ‘Durga Puja’), this route is definitely a colorful mixture of landscapes and culture. Furthermore, there are several religious sites along the way, including a Roman Catholic church, an important Buddhist stupa, and of course, the Ganges.

Pamir Highway

This famous route along the Pamir Highway, which is located in Central Asia, is about 1,300 kilometers long. The road leads from Tajikistan to the Panj River and then along the border of Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. It quickly develops into a trip full of surprises, full of many interesting conversations with people from various countries, and jam-packed with unforgettable experiences.

From Isfahan to Samarkand

Iran and Uzbekistan are wonderful destinations both with impressive mountain and desert regions. No wonder it quickly became a dreamland for travelers from all over the world! It’s not only the fascinating regional traditions and religious practices that shape the area, it’s also the warm and welcoming people! Call it traveller’s luck, but very common to meet someone who is open and willing to share their favorite parts of their culture with guests!

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