Major technological and scientific developments that we take for granted today would never have been possible without a few curious people who were brave enough to follow a crazy idea and see it through. The two-part series Pioneers takes a closer look at two pairs of industrial competitors in the 19th century and walks us through how they changed the world.

The Battle for Steel Supremacy

Steel is literally and figuratively the foundation on which modern society is built. Thank steel for the widespread use of cars, electricity, and suspension bridges (just to name a few.) No wonder that this industry is one of the most fought over in the last century. Essentially, he who controls the production of steel controls the production of society! Learn the stories of Alfred Krupp and Jacob Mayer, two hard-headed steel barons with opposing views over the future of manufacturing in the 19th century.

The Triumph of the Turbojet

Nowadays, it is completely normal to board an airplane and fly wherever we want. Be it vacation or business, the modern revolution of air travel has made any destination a possibility. But less than 100 years ago, this was a faraway dream. Human flight had been discovered, but the idea of transporting the masses over mountains and oceans still seemed impossible. That is until two men named Frank Whittle and Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain began their campaign to change aviation – and the world – as we know it.

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