The days have grown darker, Jack-O-Lanterns have commandeered private windowsills, and costumed creatures roam the streets. It’s time for Halloween! We’ve compiled a list of Get.factual’s spookiest documentaries for those that want to celebrate Halloween but still have a desire to learn a thing or two. Let’s Get.spooky!

Deadly Science

Today, scientific institutions around the world pride themselves on scientific integrity and their adherence to proper ethics standards. However, ethics and decency were not always so commonplace in academia. In fact, scientific research has been used to justify some of the most horrific, gruesome, and inhumane practices throughout history. In Deadly Science evolutionary biologist Matthias Glaubrecht searches for the origins of thousands of human skulls and skeletons from Australia. It is a gripping account of the grisly trade in human remains that were supplied to eminent scientists as research material in the 19th century. As he digs, Dr. Glaubrecht discovers shocking truths about murder and grave-robbing in the name of science.

Crime Scene Eulau – The Mystery of the 13 Skeletons

Crime Scene Eulau – Mystery of the 13 Skeletons recounts a spectacular discovery made in a quarry near the village of Eulau, not far from the central German town of Naumburg. Neolithic graves contained the skeletons of three women, two men, and eight children, buried tenderly 4500 years ago, some affectionately entwined. But who were these people? Were they the victims of a horrific crime? Or were they involved in some kind of mass sacrifice? Could the skeletons be the remains of a group suicide? In their search for answers, archeologists make a startling discovery about what life must have been like for Stone Age Europeans.

Secret Societies

Is there anything spookier than the possibility of a global shadow government controlling every aspect of society? Whether you subscribe to conspiracy theories or not, the allure of Secret Societies and the mystery of notoriously tight-lipped organizations is hard to deny. This Halloween, take a deep dive into the world’s most infamous and mysterious groups like the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and the freemasons.

Dracula – The True Story Of Vampires

No Halloween list would be complete without Dracula. Explore the beginning of one of mankind’s most enduring legends, and how vampires (and other undead creatures of the night) cemented themselves in the folktales of nearly every culture in the world. The fear of a blood-sucking beast returning from their grave and striking terror into people’s hearts is as old as the hills. Learn about Bram Stoker’s classic horror story and how the legend of Dracula has evolved throughout the centuries.


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