The Kinabatangan River is located in Malaysia and has faced enormous destruction in recent years. The wildlife photographer Cede Prudente visits the river with the hope of capturing that destruction and how biodiversity has been affected in the area, but she also hopes to show glimpses of a brighter future in places along the river where conservation efforts have been successful.  The three-part documentary The Amazon of the East is now streaming on Get.factual.

Font of Life

The modern-day Dusun people are an ethnic group once notorious as headhunters. Nowadays, they live in between tradition and modern life as they continue to hunt in the wild but also use modern agriculture in their daily lives. Besides the Dusun people, the episode portrays some of the amazing animals who live in Borneo, such as the Draco flying lizard and the Bornean Pygmy Elephant.

Gift to the Earth

In the second episode, Cede meets a man who has dedicated his life to rescuing Sun Bears from the illegal pet trade and repatriating them back into the wilderness, where they belong. Cede also offers a glimpse into the lives of the Bornean locals who live off the river – and the rich soil it creates for crops – to survive. To the locals, land clearing and agriculture are required in order to make a living.

Balancing the Scales

At the end of the journey, Cede pays a visit to a community currently undergoing a battle to save the remaining forest habitat and protect the Orangutan, humankind’s closest relative.


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