We humans are not the only species that contributes to and drives the development of society. Animals are a huge part of the success of civilization too! In this 6-part documentary, learn about the many roles animals play around the world and their contribution to human history. “Animals that Changed History” is now available for streaming on Get.factual.


At one point in time, humans evolved from hunters to farmers – so instead of hunting their food, they starting growing it themselves. In episode one, the domestication of sheep, cows, goats as well as pigs is discussed in detail along with the corresponding impact these livestock developments had on human history. Relive our growth from one-plot subsistence farmers to a world connected by a complex global food economy.

Beasts of Burden


Before heavy machinery was invented, humans needed animals in order to lift, pull, or transport goods, and to shape the land. The physical abilities of work animals like oxen and horses literally reshaped human societies and helped free humanity from its most physically demanding tasks. It is safe to say that these animals directly contributed to our species’ technological advancement.


One major animal function that has always remained present throughout the centuries is companionship. Along with a source for food and labor, humans see animals as their allies and best friends. Once domesticated, they can provide comfort and happiness. But just as the relationship between our pets has evolved over the years, so have they.

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