Bundle up for the long months ahead and get comfy with three new titles on Get.factual. From wildlife, to WWII, to the threat of nuclear winter, Get.factual’s December documentaries have a little something for everyone.

A Short History of Nuclear Folly

The 50’s were an exciting and terrifying time for the world. The advent of the atomic age made the possibility of nuclear war a reality, and every man, woman, and child was forced to reckon with the thought of annihilation by an atomic bomb.  Despite the incredible destructive power of atomic weapons, the technology was still new and experimental. And of course, like any new technology, there was a learning curve for those handling it. A Short History of Nuclear Folly recounts the atomic blunders, mistakes, and potentially disastrous near-misses of the Cold War era.

Wandering Wolves

The European Wolf has the unrivaled ability to hunt, track, and pursue prey over incredibly large distances. However, why wolves travel such lengths is less understood. Wandering Wolves documents the work of three biologists, each tasked with tracking their own European Wolf as these extraordinary migrators make separate journeys across the continent. Wolf lovers, this 2-part documentary series is for you.

Hostages of the SS

After Hitler survived an assassination attempt in July 1944, the SS was ordered to arrest the families of the conspirators and hold them as “prisoners of kin”. These prisoners were rounded up and sent off into the Alps, but by the time the SS men had carried out their orders, it was clear that Germany was bound to fall to the Allies. It created a ticking time bomb: an anxious company of SS soldiers well-aware of the enemy troops closing in around them, holding a large group of hostages, trapped together in the unforgiving Alpine wilderness. Hostages of the SS recounts the thrilling ordeal, retold by the prisoners themselves.


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