There is much more to Egypt’s history than pyramids and Pharaos. Throughout the centuries, the country in North Africa had many different rulers who fought dangerous wars in order to gain power. Also, let’s not forget about the spiritual grounding that held the ancient society together. Get ready to discover the powerful country and its history in the 4-part series Planet Egypt.

Birth of an Empire


A united kingdom was established c. 3150 BC by King Menes. This lead to a series of dynasties, which ruled Egypt for the next three millennia. Egyptian culture began to flourish during this period in religion, art, language, and customs.  But who laid the very first foundations for the rule of the Pharaos? And how did the Kingdom of Egypt unite in the first place?

Temples of Power

One can not imagine Egypt without its gods. For centuries, the culture was heavily influenced by priests and their traditional polytheistic religion. This changed when the ancient Egyptian Pharao Akhenaten came to power. He became famous for leaving behind old traditions by introducing Atenism and breaking with the religion that held together his own country for 1500 years. The cult centered around the god “Aten”, who was often depicted as the disc of the sun. It became Egypt’s state religion for about 20 years in the 14th Century BC before it was turned down by subsequent rulers who then returned to the traditional Polytheistic religion.

Quest for Eternity


During all era’s there was one desire that united the people of Egypt: the extension of their lives to all eternity. Hence, they started building huge and impressive pyramids which became symbols for their eternal civilization. The magnificent tombs are still explored by hundreds of archaeologists today and will remain one of the greatest treasures of the past forever.


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