It’s March! Springtime is just around the corner and we’ve got some new shows on Get.factual for you to enjoy! Understand military conflicts past and present or take a journey to a rarely visited part of the world. The choice is yours!

The Tatra Mountains

Not many people have heard of this remarkably beautiful mountain range, which lies in between Poland and Slovakia. Discover the Tatra Mountains, a wilderness that is unique in all of Europe. A group of environmentalists spent 900 days in the Tatra Mountains and to gather deep insights into the life and drama amongst the jagged peaks. Learn more about this special place, which is not only the smallest high mountain range on earth but also home to one of the largest predators on earth: Europe’s brown bear.

Osama Bin Laden – Up Close and Personal

No one has ever shocked the world quite like Osama Bin Laden did. After years of intensively searching for him, he was eventually killed by US-troops in 2011. During the attack, personal hard-drives and private documents were retrieved. This previously classified information gives a detailed insight into his life, how and where the criminal mind developed his strategy as well as where he spent the years between the 2001 September 11th terror attack and his death.

Project Nazi

This 6-part series explores how the German population of the 1930’s was seduced to support Nazism. It examines the remarkable strengths of Hitler’s Third Reich and how they were used to influence the population; new technological advancements, the world famous Autobahn, and insidious propaganda. The party of Hitler did a lot to get the votes. But how exactly could a dangerous, extremist political party convince an entire nation to give them total power? Find out in this thrilling documentary.


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