April showers bring, well, more documentaries on Get.factual! Dive into our new films about espionage during the Cold War, Nuclear Weapons, and to break up those serious topics, our third series focuses on the beautiful Caucasus Mountains of Europe.

The Caucasus

The Caucasus is staggering in its beauty and dazzling in its diversity. Stretching from Europe to Russia, the Caucasus has many faces and is home to many different species. It doesn’t only have snowy peaks, but also subtropical forests and deserts. Lean back and enjoy this visually stunning documentary.

Israel’s Bomb – Radioactive Taboo

”The worst-kept secret in the world” – this what Israel’s nuclear arsenal is considered to be. Even though no international regulatory agency monitors it, experts estimate that Israel possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads. Find out more about the countries secret power to destroy nearly every target in the world.

The Spying Game

This thrilling 3-episode show is about  “The Spying Game” that went on during the Cold War, when thousands of spies were mobilized by a German party. The documentary also takes a look at the rising tensions between East and West as well as Germany’s role as a battleground for countless spies.


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