In the old Testament a series of natural disasters were predicted to hit the heavily populated areas along the Nile River in Egypt. As a result, these events that couldn’t have been explained any other way, did actually happen. More than 3,500 years later, it seems that the similar disasters to the Biblical Plagues are returning in modern times. The thrilling series Return of the Biblical Plagues on Get.factual explains the different happenings around the globe and brings them into a modern context.

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As the bible states: “…so there were lice upon man, and upon beast,” and “all the dust of the land became lice throughout all the land of Egypt.” Even today, millions of people all around the world still contract and suffer from Malaria, a sickness transmitted by mosquitos. A newer, modern, danger comes from globalization and international travel as it’s easier (and quicker) for infectious blood-sucking species to spread and reach to far away countries.


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“… darkness that can be felt … covered all Egypt for three days,” (Exodus 10:22–23). And so it actually became a reality! On a frequent basis, sand and dust storms are the reason for darkness during regular daylight hours, and the paralyzation of public life, busy roads, and human settlements. This episode follows “desertification fighters,” who try to save wildlife and new plant vegetation.

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