Welcome, May! A new month means new documentaries are available on your favorite streaming channel! Here’s a brief summary of what to expect from the three new films on Get.factual!

Karelia – Russia’s Primeval Forests

Karelia is the name of a region in the northwestern part of Russia, bordering Finland. While the summer months are bright and relatively warm, the winter months are dark and heavy. Follow two Russia experts, as they roam the forests of Karelia during the bright summer months and discover the beauty of the arctic forests.

The Kaiser’s Pirates

This is a documentary about a sinister mission, masked as a harmless expedition to trade and sell goods during WWI. When the SMS Wolf started its journey across the ocean in 1916 in the direction of Australia and Papua New Guinea, not many people knew what the crew on-board was really up to. Turns out, the mission was brutal and bloody…

War Crimes of the Liberators

Even though, the US troops have fought for democracy, their hands are not entirely clean. They also committed many acts of cruelty in the wake of their victory. This documentary shows the injustice, crimes and indiscipline of the US Army during the war.


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