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Wild Baltic Sea

Even though the Baltic Sea is not the biggest sea on Earth, it’s still definitely exciting! In this documentary, travel between Scandinavia to the Baltic region, and explore the diversity that the sea between these countries has to offer. Enjoy breathtaking nature and wildlife – and discover the raw beauty that the sea offers together with its incredible shores.

The Invasion: The Outbreak of WWII

Find out what exactly happened on September 1, 1939, the day of the outbreak of one of the most fatal wars in modern history: the Second World War. This two part series reconstructs the days before the outbreak of war, and explains what lead to the horrible events that followed. A thrilling and shocking documentary about power and cruelty that also contains interviews of Polish film director Andrzej Wajda, revealing how terrible it was to witness the war, first-hand, as a young child.

Signs of Evil – The Runes of the SS

Runes, originally of Semitic origin were used as the ultimate symbol of the Nazi Party in Germany. Even nowadays, the symbol SS stands for millions of murdered jewish people, and a horrible regime that darkened the history of an entire country. This documentary by Silke Potthoff explains the history of the runes, starting in the Middle Ages and explains why the meaning of these symbols is changed forever.


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