Dear Loyal Get.factual Customers,

Today is a sad day. This is a post none of us here at Get.factual imagined writing when we launched this service last year, but, unfortunately, it is one that we must send now.

In the coming weeks Get.factual will wind down as a subscription streaming platform.

We launched Get.factual with the vision of an affordable and accessible documentary streaming service that offered a mix of classic TV documentaries and modern digital titles. We believed in our content, and we know our fans did as well. But in an ever-changing streaming landscape, we needed to rethink our business model.


– You will still be able to watch all content on Get.factual through the end of your current subscription period.

– At the end of your current subscription period your subscription will end and you will not be charged again.

– If you are currently in a free trial, you will have access to Get.factual content through the end of your trial period and you will not be charged.


No, not at all. Get.factual will live on, but we are changing our model and moving away from subscription video-on-demand. Going forward, we will exist as an ad-supported channel on other platforms. You can currently watch a rotating, curated selection of Get.factual content on Pluto with more channels launching in the near future. Otherwise please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and here on our Blog for updates.

We want to express just how thankful we are to you and all of our subscribers. You took a chance on a new company and joined a small community of documentary lovers, and you helped us get off the ground and fly for a short while. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Although we will no longer offer a one-stop destination for knowledge seekers, we hope you will still find the time to learn something new about our world every day.


With love,
The Get.factual Team